Dancing in the celebration of war

In the war which is raging you are next to us

… in the hard times you never abandon the city, in the good times you didn’t gain any interests, in the desperate times you didn’t fear anything…

…you gave your battles choosing every mean, you fought with rage and devotion, with self-knowledge and conscience, without fear of death and with faith in life, sometimes like a wolf and other times like a tree you searched the human inside you but also around you and you never aligned yourself but you followed you unique entropy…

… pre-defined for you to be in the orbit of the stars, why, star, do you care about the dark? roll happily beyond this time, may its unhappiness be for you foreign and far away! your shinning belongs to the furthest world, mercy should be for you a sin! only one order counts for you: that you are true…

for the comrade and revolutionary but above all the wonderful Human Lambros Foundas


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Friday, March 12, 2010

The struggle of those who fight against all forms of power, who are anxious that each moment should not be wasted and who stubbornly maintain the belief that we are capable of creating a free and non-authoritarian world, is as distant from any kind of mythology or fiction as the earth is from the moon.

This struggle has had, has and will have countless casualties; dead, captured, and people who desist because they lose hope or compromise themselves because the powers that be have found the low or high price to buy them off.

Those seeking saints, martyrs or messiahs, or heroes and mythical beasts, are ultimately no different from those who do not miss the opportunity to point the finger at the scoundrels, the black sheep, the criminally suspect and those who politically have already lost. Both the superior beings depicted by one side and the extremist creatures from the other are equally expendable. In either case the purpose is to keep everyone sedated and docile, despite what the proponents of either side might claim.

Some ecstatically speak of those 'sacrificed', while the others piously try to measure the political loss. It is of little importance whether this convergence is achieved due to fanaticism or delusion, ignorance or expediency, for reasons of political visibility and survival or practising dogmatism. Those who are supposed to object shout to convince everyone that they have unfinished business with them, but this fraud is difficult to conceal. But so be it. This scenario is true and played to death, but the beaten path is always the most secure. Always? Or maybe it is not?

The following words, and those preceding them, are not the product of an obligation or sense of duty. Nor are they part of any revolutionary obituary. They are far away from and hostile to any attempt to mythologizing, ownership, engaging or disengaging, against the mud slung and the depreciation, which authority is already trying to spread after the disclosure of the identity and photograph of a dead "terrorist" following a gunfight with cops in Daphne. Lambros Fountas, who fell dead in a shootout with the crew of the police squad car in the area of Daphne is known for his anarchist activities.

From his years as a high school student he was socially active and would later join the anarchist group MAVRO AGATHI (Black Thorn), who issued the DROMI TIS ORGIS (Streets of Rage) 'zine/pamphlet/serial. He was active and participated in marches, rallies, social conflicts, demonstrations, flyposting, discussions and social events.

(Streets of Rage) 'THE MAGAZINE

He was one of the thousands of young people not enrolled at the time with any political youth party involved in the student occupations, demonstrations and clashes prior to and after the murder of Professor N. Temponera in Patras. Those young people were inspired by the insurrectional events of January 1991 as well as anarchist ideas and practices that they appropriated with a vitality which words are incapable of describing. The anarchist group Black Thorn, until its dissolution, participated in the Co-operation of Anarchist Groups and Individuals for Social Solidarity and Diverse Action.

During the occupation of the Polytechnical University of Athens in 1995 for the anniversary of the 1973 Uprising, Lambros Fountas was among the 504 who were arrested by the repressive state forces that invaded the university grounds on the morning of November 18th. He was, therefore, among so many young people of a generation that the politically correct were quick to describe as lost. Among all those who chose their partners' hand and travelled the 1990s from protest to protest, from roadblock to roadblock, standing in solidarity with passion in every social aspect, who chose to confront power with their rights and their wrongs, their differences amongst themselves and their stubbornness, confounding the authority that wanted them to simply be passers by in the social struggles. Not that there weren't any such people. Quite the contrary. Since then I have met up with Lambros and been side by side many times in marches, roadblocks and clashes.

We solemnly believe that what the people who fight leave behind them, is what they really contribute and is not superficial to the liberation process from the shackles of oppression and exploitation. This is a legacy that transcends any needs, decisions and choices.

Because the means are not an end in themselves and don't differentiate those fighting, but rather reveal possibilities, they don't sanctify those who choose one or another form, nor do they put anyone on a pedestal. There are no unknown comrades who have been unfairly lost. Nor is the point principally, in these situations, the search for operational errors.

Equally, however, we do not agree with the logic that explanations are the privilege of priests, initiates or those well-educated in internal affairs or with those who deal with cases and craft scenarios all the time, that the answer may begin and end with motto: loss is a necessary evil. Our position must be straightforward and outspoken.

We close, saying goodbye to Lambros with an Indian wish (and certainty):"The next time (we meet) will be better!"
"Anarchist Archive of Athens 11/3/10 complitle translate actforfreedomnow in memory and honor to my friend and comrade lambro.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Athens: Responsibility claim for Molotov attack on police station, in remembrance of Revolutionary Struggle member Lambros Foundas on March 8, 2014

“With torches blown out long time ago, my old comrades walk with sidesteps in the pupils of my eyes… I close my mouth tightly and scream… 

That’s when they savagely invaded my arteries dragging the broken flagpole, and there, in the eighth artery, in the small cavity of the heart where my dead comrades are asleep, I give my battle in whispers…” 

You need to push your acts to their most extreme limits; to put yourself to the test in struggle, with your entire being on combatant alert; to find yourself in assemblies, demonstrations, wildcat strikes, and barricades, just like Lambros did; to be on time for conspiratorial dates, present in the mapping of the enemy and the city, aware of the necessity for resupply, prepared to lube firearms, to throw yourself wholeheartedly into the fight, like thunder… 

You should initiate all those processes, and whatever their start may be make sure to get a good ending, because history remains scanty if we don’t touch upon it…

 On our side, moving constantly within this context, we honoured the memory of anarchist fighter and revolutionary Lambros Foundas on Saturday night, March 8, 2014 by attacking the police station in Nea Chalkidona, suburb of Athens; catching once again the state mechanisms off guard, we torched a patrol car which was parked outside, as well the guard booth and entrance door of the cop station, showing them that fighters are the only ones who will choose the place, time and way to unleash their hatred toward the designated enemies of freedom. 

Lambros: you are not missing from any moment of the struggle, because you’re always present, like you used to be… Lambros: nothing is over, because everything continues…

 Honour forever to Lambros Foundas, who only took a break four years ago (March 10, 2010) in Dafni, Athens, and continues to inspire us in his own, unique way.

 Revolution first and always, until victory…

Athens: Revolutionary Struggle case trial – In dedication to Lambros Foundas LAMBROS February 10th, 2012

FOUNDAS, ETERNAL Declaration of the members of Revolutionary Struggle on February 6th, 2012, regarding the armed scuffle of Dafni, in which Lambros Foundas was killed in battle with the police The repressive operation against the Revolutionary Struggle started with an armed scuffle in Dafni on March 10th, 2010, when our comrade Lambros Foundas was killed in battle with the policemen Andreas Haskis and Theodoros Koumarapis. Even though this incident became the starting point of the investigations which resulted in our arrests, the appellate prosecutor Makropoulos did not summon the two policemen killers of Lambros Foundas to testify in this trial, but only called to the stand the lady owner of the car which the comrades attempted to expropriate, with the aim of using it in an action of the organization. It is obvious that the two policemen were not summoned by the judicial authorities not for any other reason than to be protected, thus, as we have said before, proving the coalescence of judicial and police authorities. It is obvious that the appellate prosecutor sought to protect the murderers of Lambros Foundas. This does not surprise us. We have similarly not been surprised by the fact that the circumstances of Lambros Foundas’ assassination were not investigated and will not be investigated by any judge.

The role of the judges, as well as this court of course, is to protect the classist interests of the bosses, the wealthy and their lackeys and henchmen, who are none other than the police officers. And this demonstrates the hypocrisy of the state justice, because when judges and other officials of the regime talk about the value of human life, they mean exclusively the lives of their class peers, those that they themselves are serving, i.e. the same people who comprise the economic and political Power, and those that are protecting them, namely the members of police force. For the judges and this court, valuable is the life of thugs and praetorians of the regime, such as [the cops] Mantzounis, Margellos, Stamos, all who are trained and paid to assault, torture and kill. And even more valuable for this court is the life of individuals like the former Public Order Minister Voulgarakis, who is hated by the people. According to the classist ‘justice’, the value of human life is measured in terms of class position of every one of us; measured by whether it serves the Power and the criminal regime called capitalism and market economy.

 Lambros Foundas will be remembered as a freedom fighter who gave his life preparing for yet another Revolutionary Struggle’s blow against the regime. He gave his life so the occupation of the Greek government, the IMF, the ECB and the EU could not pass; so the current junta of the State and the Capital could not pass; so the new totalitarianism that the economic and political elite wants to impose worldwide, on the occasion of the global financial crisis, could not pass. Lambros Foundas gave his life fighting to make the crisis an opportunity for the Social Revolution. On the contrary, Lambros Foundas’ murderers Andreas Haskis and Theodoros Koumarapis shall remain recorded in history as mercenaries and members of an assassins’ mechanism.

They shall remain recorded in history as stooges of an unjust and criminal regime, stooges and lackeys of those who loot, oppress and exploit the people. Just as this court will be recorded in history as a special court that hears revolutionaries and combatants who are fighting for the destruction of capitalism and the State, as a court representing the traitors of the people, the contemporary collaborationists who are at the service of the supranational economic elite. It is our duty as members of Revolutionary Struggle to vindicate Lambros Foundas in this court of the class enemy. Besides that, the political responsibility claim for our participation in Revolutionary Struggle was a matter of course, in order not only to stand up for our organization, but also to defend our comrade. For us, his comrades in Revolutionary Struggle, Lambros Foundas is not deceased. He is in our blood and the air we breathe as fighters.

He is within our goals and objectives. He is identified with our organization and our struggle. Every day, every moment, he is present. HE IS IMMORTAL.

The members of Revolutionary Struggle Pola Roupa, Kostas Gournas, Nikos Maziotis

Athens: Day of remembrance and honour for Lambros Foundas Saturday, March 10th, 2012.

Two years after the murder of the anarchist comrade Lambros Foundas, a march of remembrance and struggle took place on Saturday, March 10th, 2012.
By 12.00 the PA’s gathering began in Monastiraki Square, which lasted approximately an hour, before nearly 1,000 people started to march through central streets of Athens (Athinas Street, Omonia Square, Stadiou Street, Syntagma, Amalias Avenue, Othonos Street, Panepistimiou Street, Propylaea), often attracting the interest of passersby. Numerous police units were present during the entire demo route, while organizers of the demo provided for its essential “safeguarding”.
Brochures with the political declarations of the comrades who stand trial for the Revolutionary Struggle case were distributed, while flyers, graffiti and stencils covered the streets and the walls downtown. At the head of the demo there were two banners reading “Solidarity with all those prosecuted for the Revolutionary Struggle case” and “Lambros is alive within our struggles for Social Revolution”.
Many slogans — new and older ones — were chanted such as “Revolutionary Struggle against the Capital and capitalism”, “Lambros is alive within the heart of every revolutionary”, “Terrorism is to look for a job; no peace with the bosses”, “Honour forever to Lambros Foundas”, “Freedom for all prisoners”, “Neither criminal nor political prisoners; set fire to all prisons”, “The State and the Capital are the only terrorists; solidarity with the armed guerrillas”, “People, take up arms; now or never”, “People, you’re starving; why do you kneel down in front of them? People, you’re starving, why don’t you hang them?” (outside the central market Varvakios Agora), “Let Kaminis’ house turn into ashes” (outside the city hall), “The February 12th was only the beginning; forward for a worldwide uprising”, “The February 12th was not enough; next time the parliament must fall”, “Freedom for the members of Revolutionary Struggle; ax and fire for the state guard dogs”, “Cops, KKE [Greek "Communist" Party], neo-Nazis, all scum work hand in hand”, “Praying won’t change the world; let’s expropriate all churches”, “Freedom to Stella Antoniou”. Also, a slogan was chanted in Italian, “Anarchia, Destabilizzazione, Azione Diretta, Inzurrezione” (anarchy, destabilization, direct action, insurrection). At around 15.00 the anarchist demo ended at Propylaea, while many protesters continued to march to Exarchia.
Video from the gathering on March 20th, 2010, in Dafni, in honour of Lambros Foundas and all fighters who died from the hands of the State

We’ll meet again one day

You left with your head held high, the same way as you came,
the same way I met you, as always.
I envy you.
- What is death?
- It’s like total darkness, with time you‘re getting used to
and it does not bother you anymore-.
And you left us behind,
with our remorse and our guilt
and our misery and our doubts,
to find excuses so that we get by,
another day,
and another day
and another day.
I envy you.
Cause you are ok, you’re always ok.
I need you.
To show me what dignity means,
to show me not to fear,
to show me not to compromise.
I need you next to me in the streets and in my way.
And to talk, to talk to me.
And to listen, to hear me.
So I can steal a bit of power from your truth,
a bit of courage from your freedom
a bit of faith from your values.
They say you are a terrorist.
It is true. You are terrorizing our fear, our comfort, our false appearance, our apathy, our empty gaze, our diminished libido, us getting used to the ugliness, our muzzle, our blinders, our handcuffs, the chains that prevent us from becoming dangerous.
There’s something we need to discuss.
Some say they choose not to act because they fear for their petty life. They say they love their life.
Others choose to act for exactly the same reason.
The say they love their life and cannot tolerate their life being wasted.
Tell me, can they both be right?
They can’t.
To the comrade and friend that walked away from this life with his head held high on this day, exactly two years ago.
Anarchist Lambros Foundas, member of the urban guerrilla group Revolutionary Struggle, was murdered by the Greek police on March 10th, 2010 [here 1, 2 are some photos from the demo that year].


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Athens: Responsibility claim for incendiary attack on the police station of Acropolis in remembrance of Lambros Foundas

All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible…”
(T. E. Lawrence)
This we did inspired by dreams of RAGE but above all dreams of MEMORY, and so we attacked the Acropoleos police station in the early hours of March 10th, 2013, catching the crowds of cops in the area off guard.
The reasons are many, but the loss of Lambros the greater reason of all.
Three years have passed already from that night of March 10th when Lambros Foundas, flesh of the flesh of the anarchist movement and a Revolutionary Struggle member, fell in armed battle with the pigs of the Greek police in the district of Dafni, Athens.
His life and death set an example that no fighter of freedom will ever be able to forget. We cannot allow tears to be shed for our dead comrades, but we bear a responsibility to be taught from the faith, dedication and consistency of their struggle.
We bear a responsibility to honor the memory of Lambros Foundas by any means, reflecting on the path of his political course of action, and hence his very own life.
May hands reach out and grip his gun. We bid another, yet certainly not our last adieu to him saying:
Lambros, the revolutionaries will continue to grow the flower which bloomed that dawn in Dafni, until VICTORY…


Everything continues…